April 6th Auction


Saturday, April 6th – 10:00 AM

LOCATION: Villiard’s – 2732 22nd Ave. S. Moorhead, MN

NOTE: Due to the size of this auction, we will be running multiple rings.


Large assortment of many popular and rare lines of toys from the 1980’s, including:

GI JOE: Close to a thousand figures with accessories including the rare “Mickey Mouse” Cobra Commander; two USS Flagg aircraft carriers; rare 1982 inflatable GI Joe play tent; The Defiant shuttle complex; The Terrordrome base; multiple other headquarters and vehicles.

TRANSFORMERS: Over a hundred Transformers with accessories including Optimus Prime, Soundwave, Megatron, Grimlock, and more; Jetfire (mint in box); very rare “Bumble Jumper” figure; and more. 

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Multiple Castle Greyskulls; Snake Mountain base; rare “Scareglow” action figure; many other vehicles, playsets, and action figures with weapons and accessories.

Boulder Hill base; large assortment of vehicles and playsets w/ figures and masks.

VOLTRON: Complete original Voltron with accessories; complete Castle of Lions in box; other Voltron items.

THUNDERCATS: Lion-O action figure (in box); rare Mumm-Ra’s Tomb playset; many other action figures and vehicles.

OTHER TOYS LINES: Massive amount of Gobots including boxed playsets; Bravestarr action figures and play sets; The Real Ghost Busters figures and playsets; A-Team toys; Knight Rider toys; Dukes of Hazzard toy;, Visionaries figures and vehicles; Centurions action figures; Legos; Robotix; large assortment of old vintage Hot Wheels including dozens of redlines; slot car sets; vintage RC cars; 1980’s board games; E.T. collectibles; Pac-man collectibles and more.


40+ vintage boomboxes and radios.


Very rare original Atari Stuntcycle console; Atari 2600 with rare accessories and controllers including the Atari wireless controllers (in box; hundreds of video games from a wide variety of systems; NES system with all the rare controllers including the Power glove, U-force, R.O.B. the Video Robot and many more; Nintendo Gameboys; Sega systems; huge collection of vintage handheld and tabletop electronic games.


1000’s of bagged and boarded comics from the 1980’s and earlier including the near full run of GI Joe and Transformers. Also many Marvel superhero comics as well.

BMX BIKES:Early 80’s Schwinn Predator, Very rare 80’s Schwinn Predator Nighthawk, Dyno Pro Compe, 80’s Torker ll, and a super hard to find all original 100% survivor Huffy Sigma.


Many DVD box sets of 1980’s cartoon series and TV shows; large assortment of toy collecting guide books and toy related books; vintage posters; cassettes; rack toy items; original Levi acid wash jean jackets; over 40 boomboxes and radios; 50+ collectible lunch boxes (many w/ matching thermos); and tons more from the 1980’s era.

OWNER: *Local Collector*

AUCTIONEERS: John Villiard, #14-24, Moorhead, MN. 218-233-3509, cell 701-219-0361. Gary Villiard, #03-36, Lake Park, MN. 218-238-5255.

CLERK: A-1 Auction Service

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