May 1st Auction


Saturday, May 1st @ 12:00 PM

LOCATION: Holiday Inn – 3803 13th Ave. S. Fargo, ND

COMPLETE POTTERY LIST (NOTE:  All items should be considered Rosemeade pottery unless otherwise specified.)

1. TV lamp, Wapiti, light green, with light fixture
2. COM, 1991, first commemorative, ND state outline with prairie rose & wheat
3. Shakers, buffalo
4. Figurines, mallard ducks
5. Creamer and sugar set, turkeys


6. Figurine, solid, Indian “God of Peace” – 7 ½”
7. Glaze tester – white
8. Shakers, Paul Bunyan and Babe
9. Figurines, Palomino, 2 ½” x 2 ½” and 2 ½” x 2 ¾”
10. Shakers, miniature black bears, standing


11. Buffalo, turned head, white clay
12. COM, 1992 regular commemorative, coyote
13. Figurine, panda bear
14. Shakers, pelicans, brown
15. Figurines, blue bill ducks


16. Outline, Minnesota, 7 ½”, light green
17. Figurine, bunny cotton ball holder
18. Pick holder, mallard duck
19. Figurine, small turkey, chip on tail
20. Figurines, crossover mallard ducks


21. Figurine, buffalo, dark brown, 6” tall
22. COM, 1993, regular, teepee with flag
23. Shakers, robins
24. Figurines, gray geese
25. Figurine, alligator, green, mint


26. Ashtray, Pontiac dealership “Wing”, burgundy, small chip at base
27. Cranberry dish, turkey, with spoon notch
28. Fish plaque, northern
29. Shakers, northerns, raised back
30. Shakers, road runners


31. Figurine, buffalo, small, solid, tan
32. COM, 1993, special, dark brown teepee
33. Figurine, bear, large, tan
34. Figurine, sleigh, yellow
35. Shakers, leaping deer (nice with sleigh)


36. Shaker, single, bear, burgundy
37. MESSER Grain elevators, New England, ND, showing wear
38. Shakers, Trojan corn, 5” tall
39. Shakers, small running rabbits
40. Figurines, miniature laying down deer


41. Figurine, buffalo, “World’s Largest” dark, white clay
42. COM. 1994, regular dealer sign
43. Planter, mermaid, pink, 5”
44. Outline, Alabama, “Cotton State”, dark green
45. Shakers, Brahma bulls, one ear repaired


46. Ashtray with bluegill
47. Shakers, Indian “God of Peace” gold, 7”
48. Figurines, miniature skunks
49. Figurines, prairie dogs, set of three
50. Shakers, badgers


51. DICKOTA, buffalo, black, chip on base
52. COM, 1996, regular commemorative, capitol building on tray
53. Lamp with shade, palomino, small chip on back
54. Bell, peacock
55. MESSER, shakers, rabbits, one white, one gray


56. Fish plaque, bluegill
57. Shakers, bluegills, raised back
58. Shakers, Indian heads, burgundy
59. Shakers, mountain goats
60. UND, howling coyote, turquoise, small flake on nose


61. Plate, Roosevelt, National Memorial Park
62. Outline, Minnesota, Indian “God of Peace” tan
63. Outline, Indiana, Hoosier State, brown
64. Mug and snack tray, Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, brown
65. Shakers, chickadees


66. Figurine, buffalo, large, matte brown, small chip on base
67. Glaze tester, beige
68. Ashtray, Corn palace, Mitchell, South Dakota
69. COM, 1997, mallard drake ‘pin’
70. Figurines, monkeys, “Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil”


71. COM, 1998, regular Dickota dealer sign, blue
72. Figurine, small buffalo, 88th Girl Guide, Winnipeg
73. Plate, Old Four Eyes, brown
74. Mug, Indian, no handle, burgundy
75. UND Howling coyote, black


76. Candy dish, mallard hen
77. Serving dish for cranberries, turkey, no notch
78. Mug, Roosevelt head, no handle, brown
79. Ashtray, green, with turkey
80. Figurine, pink lamb, rare


81. COM, 1998, special commemorative, white Dickota dealer sign
82. Bank, buffalo
83. MESSER, figurine, coyote, gray
84. Shaker, black cat, single
85. MESSER, Hereford cow


86. Figurine, pheasant, 7” x 13” beak to tail
87. Pitcher, pink, 3” (marked ND)
88. Barrel, brown, 2 ½”
89. Shakers, flickertails, 3 ½”
90. Shakers, rooster and hen with chick


91. Figurine, buffalo, solid, matte tan, 2 ¾”
92. COM, 1999, regular commemorative set, Open House
93. Outline, North Dakota Department Encampment
94. Flower holder, stump, brown
95. Figurine, large pelican, 3 ½”, white


96. Shakers, swans, white
97. Ashtray, with larger rooster
98. Ashtray, mallard hen
99. Shakers, rooster and hen, white
100. Shakers, standing Jayhawk


101. Figurine, buffalo, medium brown, Jamestown
102. COM, 1999, Special, open house commemorative, light blue
103. TV lamp, black panther, no fixture
104. Outline, Minnesota centennial, 7 ½”
105. Shakers, raccoon, regular size


106. UND, Figurine, coyote, medium blue
107. Figurine, mini male mallard
108. Fish plaque, muskie
109. Shakers, muskies, raised backs
110. Bank, log cabin, brown


111. Bookend, buffalo, deep bronze
112. COM, 2000, regular commemorative, Aunt Jemima
113. Figurine, green frog with black spots (ND)
114. Tray, mini potato, 3”
115. Ashtray, large mallard drake


116. Plaque, large flying mallard drake
117. Plaque, medium flying mallard drake
118. Plaque, small flying mallard drake
119. Plaque, flying mallard hen
120. Pitcher, mini blue, professionally repaired


121. DICKOTA Buffalo, North Dakota, brownish
122. COM, Aunt Jemima, 2000, special
123. Paperweight, International Peace Garden, light green
124. Ashtray, Iowa, “The Hawkeye State”, dark green
125. Ashtray, green, with rainbow trout


126. Shakers, Ft. Lincoln block houses
127. Shakers, coyote pups, tan
128. Creamer and sugar, mini yellow tulips
129. Shakers, International Peace Garden
130. Shakers, kangaroos, with joey


131. Figurine, bisque buffalo, large, broken tail
132. COM, 2001, Hickory Dickory Dock, regular
133. Figurines, mini ducks, bisque
134. Figurine, open house
135. Figurine, bear on a stump


136. Figurine, aquarium piece
137. Figurine, aquarium castle, glazed light green
138. Ashtray, cowboy on bronco, uranium glaze (ND)
139. Fish plaque, brown trout
140. Shakers, brown trout, raised backs


141. Figurine, buffalo, small, gold bronze color
142. COM, special, 2001, Hickory Dickory Dock, dark brown
143. Figurine, howling coyote, rare, solid, light brown
144. Mug with handle, Indian, green
145. Outline, Nebraska, “Gavins Point Dam”, medium green


146. Shakers, bluebirds, rare blue sticker
147. Shakers, foxes
148. Shakers, parakeets, green and yellow
149. Nut cup, small white dove
150. Horse, laying down, caramel color (ND)


151. Bank, buffalo, black, turned head, white clay
152. COM, 2002, covered wagon tray, regular
153. TV lamp, black horse with white blaze, with light fixture, tiny bubble pop
154. Fish plaque, walleye
155. Shakers, walleyes, raised back


156. Pitcher, Roosevelt, dark green
157. LITTLE HEART, figurine, Hereford bull
158. Ashtray, with mini northern
159. RUSHMORE, paperweight, burgundy, with deer and star
160. Shakers, mallard ducks


161. Shakers, buffalo, small, caramel color
162. COM, 2002, covered wagon tray, special
163. Shakers, large running rabbits
164. Vase, Indian “God of Peace”, 8”
165. Figurines, mini brown and white cocker spaniels


166. Pitcher, pinch handle (ND), 3 ¾”
167. Figurine, large mallard, chip on base
168. Shakers, eagles, pink, professionally repaired
169. Shakers, wild turkey
170. Shakers, elephant, trunks up


171. ROSEMEADE MOLD, large white buffalo, made by ?
172. COM, 2003, mallard duck pair, regular commemorative
173. Incense burner, log cabin, rare gray color
174. Outline, Washington, pink, “Evergreen State”
175. Spoon rest, Roosevelt Centennial, light green


176. Bank, large black bear
177. Figurine, pink bathtub
178. Wall pocket, Egyptian, green
179. RUSHMORE, flower frog vase, uranium glaze
180. Shakers, blue zebras


181. DICKOTA, buffalo, brown, North Dakota
182. COM, 2003, mallard ducks, special commemorative
183. Money bag, small, Wahpeton
184. RUSHMORE, bookends, laying down deer, burgundy
185. Figurines, mini bluebirds


186. Planter, maid with horn, dark bronze
187. Cigarette box, horse outline on lid, deep yellow, small chip
188. Plate, mouse seeking cheese, light green
189. Spoon rest, Hampshire hog
190. Shakers, doves, professionally repaired


191. Figurine, buffalo, small, solid, matte tan color
192. COM, 1995, buffalo, solid dark brown, “Bison, NDAC”
193. Figurine, Indian “God of Peace”, white, 8 ¼”
194. Figurine, Chahinkapa Park Register with paper description
195. DICKOTA, Ashtray, Lewis and Clark Hotel, Mandan, ND, green


196. Hen on a nest, shades of tan
197. Egg cup, turquoise, sample, not put into production, Rosemeade?
198. Ashtray, Indian, medium green (ND)
199. Fish plaque, smallmouth bass, unusual brown glaze
200. Shakers, smallmouth bass, raised back


201. UNKNOWN, figurine, turned head buffalo, white clay, glaze unknown
202. COM, 2006, WPA desk sign, regular commemorative
203. TV lamp, leaping deer, no light fixture
204. MESSER, shakers, devil’s tower
205. MESSER, shakers, prairie dogs, brown


206. Wall pocket, Mountain goat, brown base
207. Outline, Pennsylvania, “Keystone State”, light green
208. Nut cup, small white dove
209. Shakers, Geographical Center of North America
210. Shakers, wheat shocks, light green


211. Figurine, buffalo, World’s Largest, Jamestown, glossy brown
212. COM, 2006, WPA desk sign, special, orange
213. Ashtray, Teddy Roosevelt, with sitting bear
214. Fish plaque, rainbow trout
215. Shakers, rainbow trout, raised back


216. MESSER, figurine, Hereford bull
217. Glaze tester, cream color
218. Shaker, single, crappie, two holes
219. MESSER, shakers, rabbits, gray
220. Shakers, group of three, puddle ducks, one cracked


221. DICKOTA, Figurine, buffalo, North Dakota, medium brown
222. COM, 2008, mountain goat, regular commemorative
223. Outline, Minnesota, Grove City, dark green
224. Paperweight, Roosevelt Centennial, dark green
225. Outline, Alabama, “Cotton State”, gold


226. Vase, uranium glaze, 8”, small glaze pop (ND)
227. Figurine, elephant, small, solid, bronze color
228. UND, trivet, Huck, light green, paint scrapes
229. Incense burner, log cabin, brown
230. Vase, Egyptian, gray and black, 8”


231. Figurine, buffalo, solid, reddish, small chip on base (ND)
232. COM, mountain goat commemorative, 2008, special
233. Bank, fish, turquoise
234. Fish plaque, crappie
235. Shakers, crappies, raised back


236. Figurine, zebra, solid, white, 4 ¼””
237. Ashtray, with mini bluegill
238. Doorstop, wolfhound, white with black, (ND)
239. Bar salt, Grain Belt, gray
240. MESSER, Shakers, rabbit, brown


241. Figurine, buffalo, small, black
242. COM, mountain goat commemorative, 2008, special one-of-a-kind bronze
243. Ashtray, pink, with white dove
244. UND Curtain pull, Sakagawea, Golden Jubilee
245. Shakers, dog head, large cocker spaniels, rare


246. Paperweight, Teddy Roosevelt, rectangle, brown
247. Figurine, miniature hen from ashtray
248. Ashtray, green, with wildcat
249. Fish plaque, smallmouth bass
250. Shakers, smallmouth bass, raised back


251. Figurine, large buffalo, solid, N.D.A.C. Bison
252. COM, Chahinkapa Park register book paperweight, 2009, regular comm.
253. TV lamp, wolfhound, caramel, with light fixture
254. Vase, uranium glaze, 6 ½” (ND)
255. Figurine, bathtub, dark green


256. Vase, Egyptian, fish design, green, with liner
257. Figurines, miniature tiger cats, orange
258. Figurines, miniature fighting cocks, red and yellow
259. Figurines, miniature goldfinches
260. Bookends, bears, solid, burgundy


261. UNKNOWN, Rosemeade mold, buffalo, white clay, reddish
262. COM, Chahinkapa Park register book paperweight, 2009, blue, special
263. Fish plaque, salmon
264. Ashtray, with badger, Rice Lake, WI
265. Figurine, mallard, from tidbit tray


266. Mug, Indian, with handle, burgundy
267. UND, figurine, howling coyote, brown
268. Incense burner, teepee, brown
269. Fish plaque, brown trout
270. MESSER, shakers, rabbits, white


271. Figurine, buffalo, white clay, turned head, chocolate brown
272. COM, Chahinkapa Park register book, 2009, one-of-a-kind, bronze
273. Ashtray, green and yellow two-toned
274. Figurine, monkey, large, brown
275. Obelisk, Geographical Center, 5”, with original white ball on top


276. MESSER, Figurine, Hereford bull
277. Bank, fish, caramel
278. Fish plaque, bluegill
279. RUSHMORE, Figurine, tall standing Indian, burgundy
280. Shakers, Fargo Forum mallard ducks


281. Figurine, buffalo, small, caramel
282. COM, Buffalo nickels, 2010, special, gray
283. Figurine, howling coyote, gray with grass
284. SOUVENIR, figurines, 2009, 20th anniversary, bullheads, reddish
285. MESSER, figurines, prairie dogs, blonde with black tails


286. MESSER, figurine, coyote
287. Paperweight, MN Centennial, round, brown
288. Ashtray, Roosevelt National Park, Park Trading Post, green
289. RUSHMORE, Paperweight, laying down deer, burgundy
290. Shakers, bullheads, muddy green, yellow belly


291. Figurine, buffalo, small, solid, two-tone (ND)
292. COM, Buffalo nickels, 2010, regular
293. WPA, Arrowhead, bisque, “Mandan” with Indian head
294. Fish plaque, salmon
295. UND, Curtain pull, Indian head, round, turquoise


296. Tumbler, uranium glaze, 4” (ND)
297. Ashtray, with flying corn “Dekalb”
298. UND, Curtain pull, buffalo, blue, round
299. SOUVENIR, bullheads, 2009, 20th anniversary
300. MESSER, Shakers, Hereford calves


301. Figurine, solid buffalo, small, very dark
302. COM, Buffalo nickels, 2010, prototypes
303. Planter, Wolfhound, chocolate brown
304. Plate, Breckenridge Centennial
305. Figurine, howling coyote, black


306. MISC, Pottery trademark pins
307. Outline, Oklahoma, “Sooner State”, light green
308. Outline, Minnesota, “Gopher State”, brown
309. Figurine, tall cowboy boots, 5”, burgundy
310. Shakers, smallmouth bass, raised back


311. Figurine, buffalo, small, brown
312. COM, Buffalo nickels, 2010, one-of-a-kind bronze
313. UND, Figurine, howling coyote, solid, grayish
314. TABLE DECORATION, Medal, NDPCS, Mandan, ND, 2006
315. MESSER, Figurine, Hereford cow


316. MISC, Convention pins
317. Vase, uranium glaze, 5” (ND)
318. Planter, large dove, white
319. MISC, Bud vase, 1989-1999, 4 ½”, Robin Reynolds, Hebron clay
320. Shakers, catfish, brownish


321. COM, Figurine, brown beaver, 2012, regular commemorative
322. Figurine, bee, blue-green
323. Outline, Kansas, Medicine Lodge, brown
324. Outline, Minnesota, inverted outline, Indian “God of Peace”, 3 ¾”, gold
325. Figurines, crow ducks, black with blue wing bar


326. PINE RIDGE, Log cabin, 3 ¾” tall, 6” wide, 4 ½” deep
327. MESSER/LITTLE HEART? North Dakota outline, Golden Valley, ND
328. Ashtray, large money bag, dark brown
329. Ashtray, green, with wildcat
330. Wall pocket, crescent moon, rare reddish color


331. COM, Figurine, black beaver, 2012, special
332. Figurine, koala bear with baby, large, dark metallic
333. TABLE DECORATION, Viking ship by Bob Barr, after Julian Mattson (UND)
334. Ashtray, green diamond shape, with mini mallard
335. Figurines, penguins, set of three


336. Figurine, mule without saddlebags, bisque red clay (incised ND) very rare
337. Creamer and sugar, mallards
338. Ashtray, dark green, with mini rooster
339. Figurines, cocker spaniels, mini, brown
340. Pin, prairie rose, complete with clasp


341. COM, Figurine, bunny cotton ball holder, 2013
342. MISC, Bricks, set of two, Hebron Clay
343. Shakers, smallmouth bass (flat, to go on plaque), rare
344. Shakers, muskies, (flat, to go on plaque), rare
345. Shakers, brown trout (flat to go on plaque), rare *see last page*


345A. Shakers, smallmouth bass (flat, to go on plaque), rare
345B. Shakers, crappies, flat
345C. Figurine, salmon, single, flat, rare
345D. Shaker, brown trout, single, bisque
345E. Shaker, walleye, flat


346. Outline, Oregon, “Beaver State”, dark green
347. UND, Pin tray, Indian, by Julia Mattson, dull red
348. Vase, swirl, beige and greenish tan, 2 ¾”, (ND)
349. Outline, Minnesota, Centennial, Willmar, light green
350. RUSHMORE, Tray with one shaker, art deco design, burgundy


351. COM, Bobcat face, 2014, regular, red
352. Outline, Illinois, “Hotel Faust”, Rockford, medium green
353. Outline, Minnesota, Indian “God of Peace”, medium green
354. Outline, Missouri, “Show Me State”, brown
355. MILLER, Coffee mugs, set of three, with built-in drip


356. Bank, buffalo, white clay, “Jamestown” ND
357. Ashtray with mini black duck, light green
358. Figurine, mountain goat
359. Shakers, parakeets, yellow with blue accents
360. Figurines, mini fighting cocks, red and black


361. Figurine, buffalo, turned head, glossy brown
362. TV lamp, palomino horse, with light fixture
363. COM, Bobcat face, 2014, special, black and white
364. UND, Figurine, howling coyote, reddish brown
365. Pick holder, white turkey with outstretched wings


366. COM, Turtle Mountain sign, 2015, regular
367. Outline, Minnesota Centennial, 7 ½”, burgundy
368. CAHOY, Heart candy dish in swirl (South Dakota)
369. Outline, Georgia, “Cracker State”
370. Shakers, howling coyotes, light gray


371. COM, Sugar shaker, after Three Tribes, 2016, regular
372. Wall pocket, Indian “God of Peace”, 8 ½”, burgundy
373. CAHOY, Basket, swirl, with pottery bail, 4” tall (South Dakota)
374. Outline, North Dakota, “Peace Garden State”
375. Shakers, small rainbow trout


376. COM, Basket, swirl, 2017, by Robin Reynolds, Hebron clay
377. Shaker, bullhead, rare glaze
378. CAHOY, Mug, swirl, with eagle imprinted (South Dakota)
379. TABLE FAVOR, Indian outline, 2006, by Bob Barr, burgundy, special
380. Outline, Kentucky, “Bluegrass State”, yellow


381. Figurine, buffalo, solid, dark metallic glaze
382. COM, 30th anniversary, 2019, blue, regular
383. FRANKOMA, shakers, oil derricks, rose, with small chip
384. Shakers, oil derricks, believed to be Rosemeade
385. Mug, Indian, with handle, rare gold color


386. Figurine, buffalo, solid, pinkish beige
387. Figurine, mini bluegill
388. Outline, Minnesota Centennial, Spicer
389. Outline, South Dakota, “Sunshine State”
390. SPECIAL, Dish towels, set of 7, hand embroidered by Jan Barr, 2013


391. Figurine, buffalo, small, matte brown
392. Shakers, pointer dogs, mint
393. Outline, Minnesota Centennial, New London, burgundy
394. Figurine, mini rainbow trout
395. Outline, Montana, “Treasure State”, light green


396. RUSHMORE, Wall hanging, Indian face mask with feathers, 9” x 5”, burgundy
397. Outline, Minnesota, Dassel, light green
398. SOUVENIR, Barr auction souvenir, 1989
399. Outline, Mississippi, “Magnolia State”, medium green
400. PINE RIDGE, Arrowhead, with raised Indian face, 9” x 7”


401. RUSHMORE, Vase, with unusual brown and green glaze
402. Figurine, Geographical Center, nubbly glaze, 4 ¼”
403. Figurine, bathtub, burgundy
404. Barrel, glossy black, 3 ½”
405. Shakers, bobcats


406. TABLE FAVOR, Pitcher with pinched handle, Hebron clay, 2004
407. Mug, with Red Wing decal
408. Outline, Ohio, “Buckeye State”, medium green
409. Tray, pansy, burgundy with black
410. Ashtray, wheat design, deep yellow (ND)


411. SOUVENIR Curtain pull, by Bob Barr, from Paul Barr design
412. Ashtray, with hen, “Dekalb Chix”
413. Pin tray, turquoise, not in book, rare
414. Shakers, Indian “God of Peace”, 4”, light green
415. Shakers, sailboats, “Minneapolis City of Lakes”


416. Vase, flower frog, uranium glaze (ND)
417. RUSHMORE, Wall hanging, Indian face mask, no feathers, burgundy
418. Barrel, white
419. RUSHMORE, set of cowboy boots
420. TABLE FAVOR, Mandan, “Where the West Begins”, 2006


421. Figurine, pointer dog, large (intended for ashtray)
422. Vase, hand thrown, maroon, 3” (ND)
423. Ashtray, with mini bluegill
424. Figurine, bisque rainbow trout
425. Outline, Tennessee, “Volunteer State”, deep yellow


426. TABLE DECORATION, One of a kind decoration in memory of Jan Barr
427. UND Pin tray, with raised Indian head design
428. Ashtray, with Sitting Bull design, medium green
429. Napkin holder, One-of-a-kind Indian head, multi-colored
430. Shakers, two-of-a-kind Indian heads, multi-colored


OWNER:  Brad Bird

AUCTIONEERS: John Villiard, #14-24, Moorhead, MN. 218-233-3509, cell 701-219-0361. Gary Villiard, #03-36, Lake Park, MN. 218-238-5255.

CLERK: John Villiard #616

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