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John Villiard Auction Service is a family owned and operated business. John Villiard went to auctioneers school in the 1970's. After returning from school John was hired by other auctioneers to call sales for them. As John became better known in the area he got a few auctions of his own. John would call and his wife Donna, brother Gary, son Jason, and daughter Jessica were his ring men. It still wasn't his primary job but it was working out as a sideline. Gradually he had more and more auctions and in 1984 they decided that John would be an Auctioneer full time.

Now, Gary is also a licensed auctioneer, and Jason also does some calling. Donna runs A-1 Auction the clerking business that clerks most of the sales while also working a full time job.

John Villiard Auction Service is still family owned and operated.